Make America Great Again, please

Elect a Democrat…  or a Republican that is not a racist or a religious nut.

CBC had a good documentary on last night: “The Mad World of Donald Trump”.  His slogans stir up the latent anger in Americans.  Conservatives have a fear of  change, where liberals have hope for  change.  The conservatives in America who love Trump now, might be the ones most angry at him later. Continue reading

Scientists afraid of their mothers

©2001 Marion Pennell

©2001 Marion Pennell

Some scientists decided it was worth researching why women (ie female humans) stay alive so long after menopause, or was it, why do women have menopause instead of giving birth until the day they die?

PRLS [post-reproductive lifespan] is of short duration in most mammals, leading to the proposal that PRLS is a consequence of mismatch in somatic versus reproductive senescence.

I can’t believe any women needed to study this.  There is an implication that women might as well die once they lose fertility, because they are no longer useful to the species.  (Wink Wink! Nudge Nudge! I traded in my 40 year old wife for two 20 year olds! Rimshot!) Continue reading

Spanish Johnny on the bus to NY to see Bruce

After we cross the border, the bus stops at three sleepy upstate towns before we get to Albany.  Plattsburgh is a stop and go.  At Glens Falls we pick up three new passengers.  My traveling companions are paired in the seats ahead of me, leaving me with an empty aisle seat.

Before I look up to assess whether I am likely to get a seatmate, I take note that the men across the aisle have already loaded up their empty seats with belongings and I consider moving my bag to claim my space as well.  The young man coming down the aisle is wearing a baggy beige sort of two piece jumpsuit.  He has short dark curly hair and a tan probably Latino face.  He takes the seat next to me with his leg sprawling out into the aisle, the knee bobbing up and down.  He doesn’t seem to have any bags, but is clutching an envelope with papers in one hand. Continue reading