Was it surreal?

I like the evolution of language, and I like slang, and new ways of using words specific for the times we live in (i.e. “woke”).

But real words have real meanings.  My ears get tired of the filler words “actually” and “literally” which are often used in the wrong context.

People use a longer form of a perfectly good short word: It was ironical. He was pressurizing me.
It was ironic (although, it probably wasn’t) and he was pressuring you.

But it’s the overused descriptive words that really annoy me.  Too many things were “amazing” or even “awesome” for far too long.
Hyperbole is fashionable.

But, the one that gets my goat now is “surreal”.  Ten years ago it was rarely used outside of an art history class.

Now it is used for almost anything that is unusual or unexpected – but nonetheless realistic; an event that never happened to you before: a high point or low point in your life (but not outside the realm of possibility).
There are a lot of better words that can accurately describe those feelings and situations.

Now it is used for so many meanings that it has become banal.
One thing that surrealism was NOT… it was not banal.

Now this is surreal:

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