“Woman with skirt up run faster than man with pants down”

Ask your mother this:  As a woman have you ever felt threatened or unsafe or less-than because of a man? Ask her.  Did you tell anyone?  Every time?  Call the cops?  File a complaint?

My story is not remarkable, ask any woman.  Not including the boyfriend who abused me in multiple ways and broke my rib, just the ones that come to mind easily… baby When I was 6, a bunch of older boys stole my books and harassed me and asked me to show my underwear. -I was timid but I did it because I needed my books back. I told my mother and she told me no matter what anyone said or did, I should never let anyone make me do anything.

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You can get it if you really want

“‘Cause as sure as the sun will shine

I’m gonna get my share now, what’s mine”

I AM going to get my share of the truth, of respect, of human rights!!

“But I’d rather be a free man in my grave

Than living as a puppet or a slave”

Fitting epitaph for anyone   (above from “The Harder They Come” )

Rivers of Babylon © Marion Pennell

Rivers of Babylon
© Marion Pennell

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Public seating

On a packed express bus, with all of us now in winter gear, I made my way to the rear.  It is less crowded there, and often someone will get off at the next stop.  Through all the standing people, I came to the back to see a seat with a backpack, so I motioned to the guy absorbed with his laptop to move it, and as cheerfully as possible mentioned that there were a lot of people standing for him to leave his bag on the seat.  “Oh I didn’t notice,” pointing at his laptop.


©2005 Marion Pennell

©2005 Marion Pennell

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Heather spelled backwards


Every girl was hopeful at one time. ©2001 Marion Pennell

Every girl was hopeful at one time.
©2001 Marion Pennell

Who are these men?


“The overwhelming prevalence of acquaintance over stranger rapes and of intoxication over overt force, and the relative rarity of weapon use and physical injuries, is easily explained. Rapists know what works. They like to rape, they want to keep doing it, they want not to be caught. It is in their interest to be very sensitive to which accounts of rape are believed and which are attacked and to know which targets and methods are lowest-risk for them.

What they do is what works. They rape their drunk acquaintances because it works. They rape their drunk acquaintances because we let them.”

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Here Comes The Sun

Somewhere in the world someone is working on a new energy source.  Solar panels are still big and expensive and rare.  Once installed, things are great, but few are able to switch over. Sun Somewhere in the world someone is figuring out a way to make an accessible cheap small solar panel.  There is an energy source that a woman in Afghanistan, and a man in New York City, will be able to use for heat and power.  Equally.

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