A mockingjay can mimic whatever they need you to hear

Go see Mockingjay, especially if you are young and so far non-political.

I saw Mockingjay at the theater.  I love the lessons in politics embedded as propo’s in the film.  Young people may not watch or care about the news, or history.  If they do, it may be to repeat or forward a story that sounds cool or outrageous, but they may have never researched it to understand if it is true, and if so, in what context?  Context is everything.

©2001 Marion Pennell

©2001 Marion Pennell

In Mockingjay, President Snow is seen crafting his side’s propo.  “Not rebels, use radicals.”

In Ferguson, the press conference was held at night.  As I watched, I sensed the backroom crafting of the evidence.  How to present your case, use the right vocabulary.  Rhetoric, I believe it is called.

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