Blue and Brown make Grey

©2002 Marion Pennell

©2002 Marion Pennell

When I was young I wanted colouring books without dark thick black lines outlining the objects. (I finally did have one – of animals! – with faint grey lines, so that no lines showed when you were done.) There are no outlines in life, one thing ends where the other begins, even if the other is the sky or the wall. The colour and shadow. Continue reading

Talitha koom!

“So, I understand you think you are Jesus?” asked the ever so condescending doctor.

“No,” I replied patiently. “Of course not. I am one of the apostles.”

“Which one?”

“How should I know? But I guess it’s not Peter if I’m not denying it.”

“But, you’re a woman.”

“Your point being?” Continue reading