squirrells My mom was born in 1924, but she never saw a squirrel until 1949.

The island of Montreal has lots of squirrels, the island of Newfoundland had none until someone introduced the species in 1963.  Mom and dad (and big brother) came to Montreal c. 1949, soon after voting for Confederation.

As a family, we bought our first house in 1959 (coinciding with the family expansion of my birth, and my newly widowed paternal Granny’s arrival).  The suburb where we settled, Pointe Claire, had some of the biggest fattest healthiest grey squirrels I have ever seen.

As an infant in our backyard (I suppose this must have been the summer of 1960? perhaps my first few summers?) I am told I was delighted to be playing with multiple squirrels in my playpen.  Mom told the story as if the squirrels were so numerous you would have to shoo them away from your house and your children. Continue reading