Hate, hate, hate

All around the world, people are loaded with hatred.  Young men in particular are taking their hatred and finding something to align it with (and there are plenty of “causes”) in order to feel justified in expelling their rage.  When recent events have targeted any community you can think of, there is no common target.  The only commonality is hate and rage.

Young men need to be busy, and think they have opportunity.  In all countries, they need employment first, and mentorship from decent older men in their societies.  When war, poverty, racism, crime and prison interfere with your young men, the weakest members follow the worst “leaders” and their own paranoid worst instincts.

Employment, education, opportunity.  An expectation of success, perhaps marriage, respect in the community.

Without this, men are primed to be like the rogue male “teen” elephants, who, robbed of their elders by poachers, formed gangs and trampled the villages.


One thought on “Hate, hate, hate

  1. They need “mentorship from descent older men in their societies”. Posted on July 9th, I am reading it after the election. I’m so afraid that we are going to be “grabbed by the pussy” more often now than we already are, and it won’t be limited to physically. That sort of locker room talk, as he puts it, is going to come out of the locker room and be thrust into our ears and our faces. The world is taking a giant step backwards, and it really, really scares me.


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