Make America Great Again, please

Elect a Democrat…  or a Republican that is not a racist or a religious nut.

CBC had a good documentary on last night: “The Mad World of Donald Trump”.  His slogans stir up the latent anger in Americans.  Conservatives have a fear of  change, where liberals have hope for  change.  The conservatives in America who love Trump now, might be the ones most angry at him later.

Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015.  REUTERS/Dominick Reuter

Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. REUTERS/Dominick Reuter

On Trade:  I was a customs broker during the implementation of NAFTA.  Soon after, one of my best friends lost his great manufacturing job when Siemens moved that division to Mexico for cheaper labour.

America does not like to pay for labour (the obvious is the unpaid labour of slaves in the worldwide lucrative cotton and textile trade). Outsourcing of manufacturing to China, call centers to India, and animation to Korea is not about talent, but about cheap labour.  

In the news we read about a very low minimum wage, unaffordable higher education, lack of benefits such as comprehensive maternity leave, union-busting, and other labour-insensitive issues in America.  There are no jobs, and the business sector is not interested in building fair paying unskilled or entry level jobs. In America, employers have a lot more power than in Canada.  Firms can drug test employees in, it seems, any field.  In Canada those who pilot heavy machinery and the like, ie. jobs with a distinct element of danger or safety, may be drug tested, but not a clerk in a bank.

If America wants to pay peanuts for all the products, the producers will cut corners.  First is labour.  Second is materials.  The demand for cheap fast food led to factory farming – with its inherent health risks to people and animals.  Another sector destroyed – the family farm.

I have no idea how Trump figures he could change all the trade deals to be only in America’s favour – when one of the main reasons to pursue these trade deals was to be the beneficiary of cheap labour.

On Immigration: Restaurant kitchen jobs, fruit-picking, landscaping and gardening – are widely known to have undocumented immigrants in the work force.  Again, nobody wants to pay for labour, and therefore the underground economy exists in order to take advantage of those who will work for almost nothing.  Americans are not lining up to get those jobs.

Samantha Bee (Full Frontal) on the Comedy Network did a great piece on the Syrian refugees.  The big fact: the refugees do NOT get to pick the country to which they emigrate.  Countries have quotas, and a central authority chooses which refugees go where.

There is a lot of abstract hate for Muslims – abstract in that it is usually uninformed and the hate spills over to Hindus and Sikhs for no other reason than ignorance.  Using us-vs-them as a policy requires you to define “us”.

“I feel, as a Christian, we have to take care of ourselves first.”

Trump supporter at caucus

The Americas (and Australia/NZ) might be the only countries on Earth that are not largely populated by their original peoples – European and African descended peoples certainly outnumber the aboriginals.  There is no official religion (or race) in Canada or the USA for a reason.  

On Foreign Policy:  Bomb the shit out of ISIS.  

Sarah Palin:  "Bomb them. Let the United States Military do its job and kick ISIS ass..."

Sarah Palin: “Bomb them. Let the United States Military do its job and kick ISIS ass…”

Does this mean kill all the civilians in Syria and Iraq as well?  American intervention in the Middle East is long seen to be the catharsis of the current situation.  Mass murder of civilians is not going to calm the masses.

Young men with nothing to lose, with an ideology to defend – these are renewable resources. If Americans think they are angry, imagine a family in any of a dozen countries “over there” who have lost everything.  Family members lost as collateral damage.  Governments who won’t defend them.  This anger will not dissipate with carpet bombing.  It will continue to rise up and organize and attack until the ideology is dealt with.

Christianity has one main division: Catholic and Protestant.  Generations ago the Catholics were seen to be intolerant and told their children that Proddys were heathens destined for hell.  The Catholics have taken a chill pill, and the rise within Protestantism of evangelicals has taken up the mantle of intolerance.  Evangelicals are not content with practicing their religion, they would prefer their standards be applied to all Americans.  They would like a national religion and Christian prayer in school and government.  They are the group that wants to sharply delineate women’s roles and rights.

(Recently on a message board I frequent, we got off-topic and a woman from Michigan was lamenting the immigration of the “other” and even worries about “white slavery”.  I haven’t heard that term since Thoroughly Modern Millie!)

Islam has one main division: Shia and Sunni.  A few decades ago the Shia were the ones seen as scary and backwards, as Iran underwent a transforming revolution.  The Sunni Saudis have possession of Islam’s Holy Land: Mecca and Medina.  Within their Sunni religion, they have encouraged a sect called Wahhabism.  Extremely similar to the American evangelicals, they want to force others to practice only their own version of Islam, and they pick and choose the verses from the Quran that they think support their ideology.

(Please Evangelicals, forget about Leviticus!  Go to the Gospel: Matthew 5:44)

How is bombing ISIS, wherever they may be, going to solve, stop or even slow down a movement with such auspicious supporters? The Saudis could stop ISIS, but they continue to play both sides of the field with America.  They have no motivation for change. 

And Mr. Trump, what are your plans for these fine Americans?


DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN12 - Mehmet C. Oz, Professor of Surgery and Vice-Chairman, Cardiovascular Services, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, USA, is seen during the session 'An Insight, An Idea with Mehmet Oz' at the Annual Meeting 2012 of the World Economic Forum at the congress centre in Davos, Switzerland, January 27, 2012. Copyright by World Economic Forum by Michael Wuertenberg

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN12 – Mehmet C. Oz, Professor of Surgery and Vice-Chairman, Cardiovascular Services, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, USA,.
Copyright by World Economic Forum by Michael Wuertenberg






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