Bad Cops

©2001 Marion Pennell

©2001 Marion Pennell

Is there any other profession that fights as hard to protect its worst members? Where the mentality becomes us VERSUS them/our clients/citizens?  Where interactions become so rigid and one-sided as to continually produce results that undermine the very institution? 

Would a pediatrician want to cover up a child molester within their field?  Certainly one would want to maintain the credibility and the reputation of their profession by eradicating those who would profane it by definition.  I can only suppose that one would only lend support if they wanted such protection themselves (if/when caught).

Social workers, child care workers, nurses, and EMTs all regularly attend to mentally ill, or drunk/high, resistant, or even violent clients.  Their professions require them to do so (sometimes at great personal risk) without harming the individual.  Their training reflects that respect.

I don’t understand The Thin Blue Line.  



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