This week in history

Victory in Europe.

V for Victory preceded the Peace sign of the 60s.

V for Victory preceded the peace sign of the 60s.

Kent State

"What if you knew her And found her dead on the ground"

“What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground”

VE Day literally was collective responsibility triumphantly trumpeting the very ideals of personal freedom and personal liberty for which we fought.

Twenty five years later the National Guard tyrannically opens fire at a crowd of protestors, killing four.


Everything you need to know about Baltimore’s police department is contained here in an essay by the creator of The Wire. David Simon’s interviews and speeches about Baltimore from the near past seem prescient now. He sums up where he sees America right now.

“Collective responsibilty without personal freedom or without personal liberty is tyranny, it’s totalitarianism. Conversely, personal freedom and personal liberty without a collective responsibility where we have a shared sense that you are part of society and that you owe it to society to participate fully and to seek utilitarian solutions to society’s problems—that’s just selfish. That’s just bad citizenship. That’s a recipe for a second rate society.”

David Simon, Observer Ideas festival 2014, London.

Today the society is carved into so many tribes that we feel no connection to human suffering unless it specifically and narrowly mirrors our own personal concerns.

You may not see it yet, but Baltimore is all of us. And as David Simon reminds in The Audacity of Despair ( ) the journalists that used to do the background checking, source interviewing, and provide the context have taken their severance packages and have been replaced by corporate shills echoing the company line.  And collectively we don’t care at all.

Politics as usual

Politics as usual



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