What a difference a year makes.

An entertainment special on comedians just aired – obviously pulled from the “vault” to fill empty programming hours.

Among the top five profiled were:

Seth Rogen – not creating an international incident. FreaksnGeeks Robin Williams – not being dead. FisherKing Eddie Murphy – AND the stand-up bit they showed was his impression of Bill Cosby giving Murphy hell for bad language. murphyraw Kind of sums up the changes this year, doesn’t it?

The conversations of 2014 were all about :

  • International incidents.  Hacking.  Spies.  Torture.  Assassinations.  Mortal enemies in foreign countries.  All available on the Internet all the time.
  • Mental illness.
  • Black lives.
  • Male predators.

Think I’ll watch some Freaks’n’Geeks,  The Fisher King, and Raw later today…


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