There is no perfect victim.

"The Kidnapped Child" © Marion Pennell

“The Kidnapped Child” © Marion Pennell

Offhand, people, who in my opinion, I think are guilty:

  • Officer Darren Wilson
  • Oscar Pistorius
  • Jian Ghomeshi
  • Bill Cosby
  • Ray Rice
  • Adrian Peterson
  • Mama June Shannon
  • anyone Fappening

and let’s throw in

  • Dick Cheney
  • Henry Kissinger

It’s all about power.  You can have power over children, women, animals, your family, your fellow citizens, people in a foreign land, strangers on the internet.  Once you have that power, it seems very easy to explain away why your actions were totally justifiable.

And people don’t like victims.  They don’t want to hear about it.  They don’t want to know about it.  If you are not a perfect victim, forget about it.

Fear and confusion and PTSD are not good enough.  Preconceived shame over the questioning is not allowed: Why didn’t you do everything right?  If you didn’t do everything right as a perfect victim, then forget about it.

People who have never gone through it have lots of opinions on what they WOULD have done, and anything otherwise means the victim is flawed.  How dare you be a flawed victim?  Then you are not a victim.  Whatever they did to you, you must have been complicit in, or even instigated.  Forget about it.

We don’t forget.  When we have been wronged, we don’t forget.  When we see blatant injustices, we don’t forget.  When people use our own words against us, we don’t forget.

It stays inside, sometimes for years.  When we see public instances reflecting private injustices, we start to speak up.

The imperfect victims will not be silent any longer.

©2001 Marion Pennell

©2001 Marion Pennell


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